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What is GoToAssist Remote Support?

GoToAssist Remote Support is a cloud-based service that enables support professionals to resolve their customers' technical issues using screen sharing, mouse and keyboard control and other tools. Individual IT pros or teams can deliver fast on-demand support or access unattended desktops and servers.

  • With one click from your desktop, you can start a live remote support session. Connect to a customer’s computer on-the-fly by giving them a connection code to enter on a website or sending them an email link.
  • You can also set up unattended support on computers you want to be able to access at any time by running a small installer on those machines. They are automatically added to your inventory and you can access them even when no one is physically present at the computer.

As a web-based service, the GoToAssist Management Centre and tool set can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer or via the GoToAssist iPad or Android apps.

What is GoToAssist Service Desk?

GoToAssist Service Desk is an easy-to-use cloud-based application that helps you manage your IT services. Based on the widely accepted ITIL framework of best practices, the Service Desk module covers the full spectrum of managing a service, from dealing with customer issues to implementing changes and mapping your assets and infrastructure. It provides incident, problem, change, release and configuration management.

Service Desk smoothly integrates with GoToAssist Remote Support and Monitoring. From a Service Desk ticket, you can easily and quickly launch a remote support session.

What is GoToAssist Monitoring?

GoToAssist Monitoring is a unified cloud-based platform that lets IT pros inventory, monitor and manage all devices (PC and Mac), servers and networks within their IT environment, locally or worldwide. Simple to deploy, the GoToAssist Monitoring module discovers every device, delivers proactive alerts for critical servers and applications in real time, monitors performance, network usage and bandwidth consumption and tracks configuration changes and much more.

GoToAssist Monitoring can seamlessly integrate with the easy-to-use GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk modules to provide the optimal solution for IT management.

Can I just buy one module, Remote Support, Service Desk or Monitoring?

Yes, you can buy any module individually. Or, buy them together to gain the benefit of a truly integrated IT management platform.

Is Monitoring integrated with Remote Support?

Absolutely. GoToAssist Remote Support and Monitoring are integrated into a unified platform. You can go directly from monitoring the status of a server to connecting to it to resolve issues. With GoToAssist Monitoring, you gain total visibility into your IT infrastructure and proactively identify issues before they become serious headaches. Either module can be bought individually or together. Start with one and upgrade at any time.

What are the benefits of using the GoToAssist Remote Support and Monitoring modules together?

When used together, GoToAssist Remote Support and Monitoring enable you to identify and resolve issues before they impede productivity – often before your customer is even aware of any problems. And because the modules are on the same platform, everything you need is right at your fingertips. You can see a problem on the Monitoring dashboard and then solve it immediately using the Remote Support solution.

How does the free trial work?

Sign up for a free trial of GoToAssist and you will be able to use either GoToAssist Monitoring, Remote Support or Service Desk or all three modules during the trial. We will notify you before your trial expires and you can decide to continue or cancel your account.

Does GoToAssist work with Macs?

With GoToAssist Remote Support, you can deliver support from a Mac and also provide remote support to Mac users and access unattended Mac computers. However, some features are not currently available with Mac Support, including Reverse Screen Sharing, Annotation Tools and Reboot/Reconnect.

GoToAssist Monitoring collects information from devices running different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is worth noting that GoToAssist also provides an open API for submitting information to the search index, so it is possible to collect data from any source by having a script submit the data directly. However, the GoToAssist Crawler must be run from a Windows system.

In what languages is the GoToAssist interface available?

GoToAssist Remote Support and Monitoring tools are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

GoToAssist Remote Support
What are system requirements for the Remote Support module?

GoToAssist is designed to allow you to provide support to as wide a range of people and computers as possible, and will work even if you are supporting end users with very old or outdated systems.

To run a GoToAssist support session, the technician needs:

  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2003; or Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or newer
  • Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later or Safari 1.3 or later
  • Ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections or availability of an HTTP proxy or a SOCKS server
  • Minimum of Pentium 300 with 64MB of RAM (recommended)
  • A stable Internet connection with 56K or better (recommended)

To join a GoToAssist support session, your customer needs:

How does GoToAssist Remote Support help IT professionals?

When downtime equals dollars, rapid support means everything. Whether you are an IT manager or a consultant, you need to quickly respond when tech issues emerge. Remote Support gives you the immediate, secure, reliable connectivity you need to diagnose problems and resolve them fast. IT technicians can also use the Unattended Support feature to conveniently access unattended computers and servers for routine maintenance or after-hours work. Your tech team can share access to machines for efficient scheduling of tasks and collaboration.

Will Remote Support increase my productivity?

Yes, with Remote Support, you can assist users anywhere, anytime while reducing travel and related costs. In fact, most IT pros report a 30-50 per cent jump in productivity. Remote Support’s productivity-enhancing features include the ability to assist multiple users at the same time, communicate via online In-Session Chat, transfer files between computers and provide unattended support.

How does GoToAssist Remote Support compare to competitors?

GoToAssist is the fast, simple, inexpensive remote support solution for individuals or small teams – from Citrix, the No. 1 market leader in remote support.

  • Fast and easy to use: Launch a support session in one click, run up to 8 sessions at a time and utilise support tools via a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • 24/7 support: Get free product training and 24/7 chat, phone and email support.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Use GoToAssist from any computer or via our free iPad app.
  • Cross-network and cross-platform: Unlike RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), you can create an inventory of machines both on and off the network, both Windows and Mac.
  • Easy for teams: Organise your inventory of computers into custom groups. If you have multiple technicians on your account, you can share access to those machines.
  • Reliable, with zero maintenance: We maintain the web-based service. You get automatic upgrades and enterprise-class performance.
How is GoToAssist Corporate different from GoToAssist Remote Support?

GoToAssist Corporate is designed for multi-agent support teams that need to deliver live technical assistance. GoToAssist Corporate comes with advanced administrative, collaborative and customer-queuing features not present in GoToAssist. In contrast, GoToAssist Remote Support, Service Desk and Monitoring are especially designed for IT managers, consultants and MSPs. In addition to offering fast, easy on-demand support, GoToAssist Remote Support has a powerful functionalty not available with GoToAssist Corporate: the ability to view and control unattended machines. GoToAssist Remote Support also seamlessly integrates with GoToAssist's Service Desk and Monitoring modules, so your IT team can deliver 3 critical services from one integrated platform.

To see which product is right for you, visit our solutions page.

Is GoToAssist Express still available?

GoToAssist Express is being integrated into GoToAssist Remote Support, starting April 20, 2012. Current customers should simply log in here to begin using an enhanced set of features for supporting people and machines. New customers looking to purchase remote support services can learn all about GoToAssist's robust functionality here.

Can I provide live support to end users?

Yes, you can generate a live support session with one click. You can send an invitation link or tell the end users a 9-digit code and they can enter your support session. There is no limit on the number of live support sessions you can host.

Learn more about GoToAssist Remote Support’s robust tool set.

Do my customers need to buy or pre-install GoToAssist Remote Support?

No, your customers join GoToAssist support sessions as your guests, for no additional charge. When they enter a session, the software installs on demand.

How many customers can I support at a time?

You can simultaneously support up to 8 customers. Increase your productivity by resolving more than one IT issue at a time. Use GoToAssist’s In-Session Chat and tabbed interfaces to support more efficiently.

Can I support remote servers and unattended computers?

Yes, you can deploy a small piece of endpoint software that provides anytime, anywhere access to unattended machines. This is useful for viewing and controlling servers and end-user desktops when no one is at the machine or after hours.

Can more than one technician access an unattended machine?

Yes, GoToAssist Remote Support is designed for both individual IT professionals and teams. Set up different technicians from your Management Center and control which devices they are able to remotely access. Because this service is team-based, multiple technicians can access any given device.

In what languages is GoToAssist Remote Support and Monitoring available?

Support technicians can select from among 6 languages for their GoToAssist Remote Support and GoToAssist Monitoring interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

What is a GoToAssist Remote Support Day Pass?

A day pass gives you 24-hour access to the full feature set of GoToAssist Remote Support, including unlimited live support to PCs, Macs and mobile devices along with “unattended” support sessions. (In an unattended session, you can access computers and servers when there is no one physically present at the machine’s keyboard. With the Day Pass, you can access up to 100 unattended machines.) Even after your Day Pass has expired, all your data is saved for 90 days (including support sessions records and recordings and unattended computers) so that when you initiate future Day Passes your info is ready for use. In addition, you can deliver support from your mobile device using the GoToAssist technician apps.

How do I repurchase another GoToAssist Remote Support Day Pass?

Simply log in with your old credentials, and from the “My Account” page, you can purchase a new Day Pass. Don’t worry, your past session recordings and unattended computers have been saved (for 90 days) and are ready for your use.

GoToAssist Service Desk
What are the system requirements for the Service Desk module?

Technicians and customers can use GoToAssist Service Desk from virtually any computer connected to the Internet using a modern browser.

  • Operating System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2003; or Mac OS X 10.5 (Tiger) or newer
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later, Safari 3.0 or later or Google Chrome 5.0 or later
  • Internet: Stable connection (56k or better recommended)
Why should I use GoToAssist Service Desk?

Service Desk is easy to learn, easy to use and easy on the pocket. Just sign up and you'll be creating incidents within 10 minutes with no need for a manual. Service Desk is designed with the end user in mind, so it'll be a breeze to introduce to your business. And by adopting Service Desk, you will be adopting a well-recognized best practices framework; putting more structure into your service management processes is good for your customers, staff and ultimately your business.

How does GoToAssist Service Desk compare to competitors?

GoToAssist Service Desk combines great ease of use with an impressively robust feature set. Other solutions boast of their ease but offer only incident management or issue/bug tracking. With Service Desk, this is just a fraction of its capabilities. To get the true benefit from your service management solution, you need an integrated tool that lets you see how your incidents, problems, changes, releases, knowledge and assets relate to and affect one another.

In addition, Service Desk seamlessly integrates with GoToAssist's Remote Support and Monitoring modules, so your IT team can easily shift from one tool to another. Start with a ticket in Service Desk and easily initiate a remote support session, or start by noting an issue with GoToAssist Monitoring and easily log an incident ticket with Service Desk.

Is GoToAssist Service Desk a help desk application?

It's a service desk with a whole lot more. It has you covered from end to end with incident, problem, change, release, knowledge and configuration management.

Does GoToAssist Service Desk offer an email integration?

Yes. You can configure Service Desk to automatically create incidents via email and you can reply to email notifications sent from Service Desk to update an incident – perfect for your customers or for when you are out and about.

What about reports?

For each of the incident, problem, change, release and knowledge sections, Service Desk offers customizable reports that can be scheduled to run and emailed to users daily, weekly or at whatever frequency you desire.

For larger system-wide or service reports we have a growing list of choices. All businesses are different with different requirements, so this section is expanding. We would like to hear your suggestions about the reports you'd like to see.

What is ITIL?

ITIL® stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a set of standards, or good practices, for IT service management. These practices were first developed in the UK and are internationally recognized and widely adopted.

The beauty of ITIL is that it can structure and clearly define how your projects and services are performing for you. ITIL enables your team to become more proactive, and it establishes a platform for continual improvement of your services. If you're looking for an effective way of managing deadlines, priorities and service level agreements then ITIL might be just the ticket.

ITIL is built right into the GoToAssist Service Desk architecture, so your team can easily and intuitively use ITIL best practices.

For more information, go to www.itil-officialsite.com

What ITIL processes are incorporated into Service Desk?
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Knowledge management
  • Configuration management
What is incident management?

An incident is a single event, disruption or request that affects the quality of a service to a customer. The incident has a timeframe in which it needs to be resolved for customers to feel OK about it. Basically, incident management is about getting your customers up and running (and keeping them there) by whatever means necessary. Incident management aims to restore normal service operation and minimize the adverse effect on business operations.

Managing incidents means setting priorities and appropriate deadlines, communicating openly with the right people and understanding the incident’s context and what and who it affects. You should be able to accurately measure your compliancy with the Service Level Agreement, that is, the agreed-on level of “normal” service, and understand your incident hotspots and their wider impacts.

What is problem management?

A problem is a recurring issue that affects a service. It could be a technical glitch, something unclear about the UI, or the absence of a feature or information that customers keep requesting. A problem will indicate an underlying issue with a service that needs a short term and/or long term solution.

Problems are not incidents – a customer might be affected by an incident which is then resolved i.e. the service for that customer has been restored to normal levels, but the problem might still be there just waiting to occur again and again. It should be logged, associated with any related incidents and investigated for short and long term fixes.

Problem management is a proactive way of managing your services, and it’s a bridge between keeping customers happy and keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

What is change management?

The ITIL term for a Change is an RFC (request for change). We refer to them as “changes” here for the sake of simplicity. Changes are any desired alteration to a service or to something that will affect a service.

Change Management is the process through which you identify desired changes, develop the business justification, obtain approval, plan the urgency and impact and allocate resources. For any change, you should also be able to tightly manage its plan, build and test phases.

What is release management?

A release is an implementation of a change to a service. Release management includes 1) planning the rollout of software, 2) designing and implementing procedures for the installation of changes to IT systems, 3) effectively communicating and managing expectations of the customer 4) controlling the installation of changes.

Well-planned releases allow for clear disruption points and ensure the continued quality of the live production environment and its services by formal procedures and checks.

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management helps to identify and create service-related information and insights and share that knowledge with staff, customers (where appropriate) and your organization. Shared knowledge documents can take the form of FAQs, how-to guides, demonstration videos, articles and forums.

When implemented effectively, knowledge becomes a shared asset of the organization as a whole. It can also act as a resource for customer self-service, freeing up your service desk and reducing incident rates and resolution times.

What is configuration management?

Configuration management is the identifying, defining and mapping all your assets and their relationships to one another. It’s also about maintaining control over these assets (or “configuration items”) through effective incident, problem and release and change management. Configuration management involves understanding what affects what, what's causing you the most trouble and where your hot spots are.

Configuration is a complex subject, and one of the hardest ITIL processes to implement.

GoToAssist Monitoring
What are system requirements for the Monitoring module?

You can run the Crawler from any Windows computer that is connected to the network you want to inventory and monitor. Once done, you can log in to your account to monitor your systems from any computer with an Internet connection.

Crawler requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
  • 1GB of RAM or more is recommended
  • Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3.0, Chrome 5.0 or the latest version of each web browser
How does GoToAssist Monitoring help IT professionals?

With GoToAssist Monitoring, you can ensure that all mission-critical services are up and running 24/7. Monitor all networks, servers and devices to track performance and identify problems. Set up alerts to create proactive notification of issues before they disrupt normal business operations.

Demonstrate your business value by identifying issues and generating reports with GoToAssist Monitoring. Highlight developing needs and critical shortages and then offer new services to increase your revenues and your client's satisfaction.

How does GoToAssist Monitoring compare to competitors?

GoToAssist Monitoring offers an easy, intuitive interface with powerful tools for gaining visibility into your entire IT infrastructure – all at a lower price point than comparable tools on the market.

As a SaaS-based, unified solution, GoToAssist Monitoring frees you from the burden of maintaining multiple or premised-based solutions. It comes with 24/7 support and free updates to ensure state-of-the-art IT management. In addition, you can receive alerts via text or email and access the web-based Management Center and robust tool set at any time, no matter where you are.

Unlike other monitoring tools, GoToAssist comes with an optional integrated Remote Support solution for fast, seamless problem resolution. Once you identify issues with GoToAssist Monitoring, you can immediately access the machine with GoToAssist Remote Support to remedy the problem.

How many unattended machines can I connect to with GoToAssist Remote Support and GoToAssist Monitoring?

For each paid seat of GoToAssist Remote Support , you can manage up to 100 unattended machines (in addition to unlimited live sessions). So, if you have 3 paid seats of GoToAssist Remote Support, your team can remotely connect to up to 300 devices.

For GoToAssist Monitoring, the number of devices is specified by your subscription. If you have a subscription to both the Monitoring and Remote Support modules, the number of devices is added together. For example, if you have 3 Remote Support seats giving you access to 300 unattended machines and you have a 250-device GoToAssist plan, then you can use GoToAssist Remote Support to remotely connect to up to 550 unattended machines.

What is the GoToAssist Crawler?

The Crawler is key to GoToAssist’s monitoring capabilities. It’s a small, efficient discovery agent that securely gathers IT information about your network, devices connected and software installed. The Crawler securely delivers the data to the GoToAssist search index, in a separate and unassailable location that only you have access to. You then can mine this rich data to visualize and analyze it. The Crawler's software footprint is small: you can install it on a single computer or server to scan your entire network.

Learn more about the GoToAssist Crawler.

How does search functionality enhance Monitoring?

Search is a great solution for any problem that requires on-the-spot investigation. It is particularly good for IT because lots of complex and hidden relationships exist between the computers, networks and users. GoToAssist Monitoring starts by automating the collection of all of the IT data and then it provides search, analytics and dashboard tools to probe and understand the collected data.

How does Monitoring fit into my company's existing management system?

It's up to you. In many cases, our customers are eliminating their current point solutions and are using the saved maintenance fees to pay for GoToAssist. If that is not an option, GoToAssist complements any systems that you already have in place. GoToAssist Monitoring gives you the ability to proactively answer questions about computers, networks and users before something catches on fire.

Do I need to install GoToAssist Monitoring on every computer on my network?

The GoToAssist Crawler only needs to be installed on one computer. From there, it will connect to other devices and computers over the LAN to collect their information. The Crawler needs credentials for these other devices (such as SNMP community strings, SSH logins or Windows domain credentials) so that it can log in to them and get the information. The credentials that you enter are only used by the Crawler and are not uploaded to, or stored in, the search index.

Can I host GoToAssist on my customers' intranet and monitor it remotely from my server room?

Yes. Simply set up an account for each of your clients, download a Crawler and run one instance at each client, and then invite yourself to view the information. All of the companies will roll up into one account for you to manage. GoToAssist is multi-tenant. Note that although the Crawler runs at each client location, you view the data through your account and a web browser. This means that there is no hardware or software for you to install at your location.

How do I install the Crawler?

After you create a GoToAssist Monitoring account, you install the GoToAssist Crawler – the small, efficient discovery agent that securely gathers IT information about your network.

A wizard takes you through the easy installation and configuration process. The Crawler defaults are pre-set for optimum out-of-the-box performance. You can also modify and fine-tune them at any time. Initially, the Crawler scans every system that it detects. This may take some time, depending on the size of your network. After that first scan, the Crawler rescans your network every 24 hours by default to track any new installations or configuration changes to your network and to monitor server health, performance, and more.

To learn more read the Guide for setting up GoToAssist Monitoring.

What info can I display in my Dashboards?

You can customize your GoToAssist Dashboards to show a wide variety of information, spotlighting what is top priority for you. Use Dashboards to display network, inventory, server health, VMware data and searches that you've saved. Your Dashboards are continually updated by the Crawler.

How can I be notified of an Alert?

Alerts can be sent to you by email or SMS, depending on your preferences.

In what languages is GoToAssist Monitoring available?

Support technicians can select from among 6 languages for their GoToAssist Monitoring interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

Can I provide support from my iPad or Android device?

Yes. Just download the free GoToAssist app for iPad from the App Store or the free GoToAssist app for Android from Google Play. Then, log in with your existing GoToAssist Remote Support credentials or register for a free mobile plan. Those with a free mobile plan can deliver unlimited live support from their iPad or Android device only. GoToAssist subscribers can provide live remote support from their iPad or Android device, access unattended machines, gain additional app features, provide support from their desktop and use GoToAssist's robust web interface.

How do I get my free remote support app for iPad or Android?

If you are not a GoToAssist subscriber, sign up for our FREE mobile plan to provide live remote support from your iPad or Android device. (The free plan is limited to delivering live remote support from a mobile device and does not include access to unattended machines, chat, session transfer and more. Subscribe to a paid remote support plan to gain access to all the Go

Can I support mobile devices using GoToAssist?

Yes, GoToAssist currently enables you to support iOS mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. You can, update profiles, configure device settings and chat with end users to troubleshoot and resolve their mobile issues fast.

GoToAssist also lets you provide remote support on the go from your own iPad or Android device via our remote support apps available on the App Store and Google Play.

Is GoToAssist secure?

Yes, you and your clients can trust GoToAssist Remote Support, Service Desk and Monitoring solutions because they have the same security architecture as all Citrix GoTo cloud services: all session data is protected end-to-end with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. No unencrypted information is ever stored on our system. Strong passwords and ongoing infrastructure security scans guarantee the security of your information.

Learn more about GoToAssist’s security guarantees.

Is GoToAssist reliable?

GoToAssist is highly reliable. Redundant switches and routers, clustered servers and backup systems ensure reliability and scalability, while web-balancing switches monitor the network flow and transparently distribute server requests among all the servers. Some of the largest support providers in the world, such as Cox Communications, BT and March of Dimes, rely on Citrix remote support and monitoring solutions. No matter how large or small your support department, you benefit from enterprise-level uptime and reliability when you use GoToAssist.

How does GoToAssist work with firewalls?

GoToAssist uses HTTP outbound connections to transparently enable screen-sharing sessions and monitoring even with corporate firewalls in place. In most cases, support professionals and their customers can connect to Citrix Online's servers without reconfiguring firewall settings.

Can you catch a virus from downloading the GoToAssist software?

No, we continuously monitor our development environment for viruses and malware, and all of our downloadable software is digitally signed to prevent tampering by third parties. The warning message customers might see when they install the software is a default message displayed by their browser whenever they download executable files.

Is there a time-out when no activity occurs on either my computer or my customer's?

There is no time-out for live support sessions; live sessions will continue until either the support professional or the customer receiving support terminates the session.

Purchasing & Billing
Can I just buy one module, Remote Support, Service Desk or Monitoring?

Yes, you can buy either GoToAssist Remote Support, Service Desk or Monitoring individually. Or, buy them together to gain the benefit of a truly integrated IT management platform.

What does my subscription include?

When you purchase a monthly or annual GoToAssist plan, you get:

  • Full features and functionality for a flat fee with no hidden costs for server maintenance, IT staff or other “extra” charges
  • 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week support from our U.S.-based GoToAssist Global Customer Support department
  • Free upgrades
  • Access to training videos, help guides and Best Practices resources
How does the free trial work?

Sign up for a free trial of GoToAssist and you will be able to use either GoToAssist Monitoring, Service Desk or Remote Support or all 3 during the trial. We will notify you before your trial expires and you can decide to continue or cancel your account.

How do I cancel?

Free Trial: To cancel online at any time during your free trial, simply log in, select My Account and click the Cancel after Trial link. Your service will then expire when your free trial ends. Otherwise, at the end of your free trial period you will be automatically subscribed to a Monthly Plan of either GoToAssist Remote Support, Monitoring or both, depending on your trial selection.

Paid Plan: To stop your GoToAssist paid subscription plan from renewing automatically log in select My Account and click the Turn Off Renewal link. Because GoToAssist is a prepaid service, your service will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period. At that time, your plan will be discontinued and will not renew again. If you would prefer to stop service immediately and want to request a refund, please contact GoToAssist Global Customer Support.

Who do I contact if I have a billing question?
How do I change my plan?

You can make changes to your plan online at any time. Log in to your account and click My Account, then click the Change Plan link.

You can also contact Global Customer Support to make any adjustments to your account.

My account lapsed. How do I reactivate it?

Log in to your account. If your account has lapsed, you should automatically be forwarded to the Plan Selection page under My Account. From there, simply select the plan you want, click Continue and enter your billing information. Your account will reactivate immediately.

How do I change the credit card or update the billing information on my account?

Log in to your account, go to My Account and click on the “edit” button next to “billing info.”

How can I review the charges billed to my account?

You can check your account history by logging in and going to My Account. View the most recent billing activity at the bottom of the page. For your complete history, click “view all activity.”

Do you charge tax?

We are required to charge VAT (Value Added Tax) for all European Union countries and from all customers with UK billing addresses, as well as those with non-UK European Union billing addresses.

We do not charge U.S. sales tax at this time.

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