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Declaration of Consent — Live Remote Support

You are in telephone contact with a Commerzbank employee and require assistance in the use of programmes on your PC. With the help of a Commerzbank "desktop sharing" programme, provided by the LogMeIn (USA) company, the content of your screen can be transmitted to the Commerzbank employee, who is then able to view it.

The Commerzbank employee does not have any control over your PC and cannot transfer any data during this connection. The transmitted screen content is not recorded. The sole purpose of the screen content transmission is to allow the employee to view the information currently displayed on the screen of your PC, as well as the user's current activities.

Please close all computer applications and content that you do not wish the Commerzbank employee to see.

By entering the code given to you by our employee, and by clicking on "Click here", you consent to the transmission of your screen content and to the procedure described. You may print out this page for documentation purposes.

  How to Launch Live Remote Support:

When you speak with an employee from our Support Team by telephone, you are referred to this page and given an access code.

If you consent to the transmission of your screen content, enter the code in the field provided and click on the "Click here" button.

You will be asked to download and run a small programme for this purpose.

With your consent, our employee can then view your screen.

You retain full control of your computer at all times and you may end the screen transmission whenever you wish.

Support employees are available.

Enter the code given to you by our employee,
and click on "Click here".