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Consider some of the many ways remote IT monitoring can benefit your business.


For IT Managers

It's your job to ensure vital IT services are working around the clock. Downtime is not an option. It's up to you to not only stop problems before they happen, but to map future services that will match your company's growth. You need one easy, robust platform that lets you visualize, monitor, trend and manage all the devices in your organization.


GoToAssist Monitoring can help you:
  • Inventory all Windows® and Mac® computers, including software
  • Ensure critical servers are up and running 24/7
  • Track performance of servers and computers
  • Visualize and manage your entire infrastructure
  • Set up customized alerts when critical thresholds are passed
  • Document emerging issues and the need for changes



For Managed Service Providers and IT Consultants

Use GoToAssist Monitoring to build a managed services powerhouse. You need an easy, robust tool that can remotely track performance and highlight emerging issues in your client's IT network – a tool that alerts you to problems before they happen. You need to be able to demonstrate the value of your services and move from a simple break-then-fix-it model of business to one that generates steady revenue in return for guaranteed around-the-clock services and planning.


GoToAssist Monitoring can help you:
  • Rapidly audit prospects environments
  • Monitor key server health and performance (Windows and Mac)
  • Set up customized alerts when critical thresholds are passed
  • Document emerging issues and the need for changes
  • Manage all of your clients through one account


Add GoToAssist's Integrated Remote Support Module for Additional Value

With GoToAssist Remote Support, you can immediately deliver live, team-based support to end users and their machines. See the problem with GoToAssist Monitoring and solve it fast with integrated GoToAssist Remote Support.

Integrated GoToAssist Remote Support can help you:
  • Quickly deliver live, secure support to clients in need
  • Support clients even when they are away – access unattended servers and computers for maintenance and updates
  • Keep customers satisfied and loyal
  • Reduce travel time and boost productivity and revenue

GoToAssist Monitoring smoothly integrates with GoToAssist Remote Support so you can go from monitoring a machine to connecting to it with one click. Buy them individually or together.

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