Diagnose and Resolve Issues on Mobile Devices

Included at no extra charge with GoToAssist Remote Support.

Tech support in this new mobile world just got a whole lot easier with GoToAssist Remote Support. Set up and provide support to mobile devices so you can get customers up and running quickly and easily.

Here’s how some of our GoToAssist customers are using GoToAssist Remote Support to support mobile devices:

  • Set up and update email, Wi-Fi and other settings and restrictions on both Android and iOS mobile devices using custom mobile profiles
  • Quickly identify and address mobile issues on supported Android devices with screen sharing and remote control*
  • Help users troubleshoot their remote setup or hardware with SeeIt, the GoToAssist camera-sharing feature for Android devices

GoToAssist provides a toolkit for supporting a variety of smartphones and tablets. You can quickly set up a new mobile device and troubleshoot mobile issues to keep your customers working productively on the go. 

Configure any mobile device

Create customized mobile profiles to pre-define Wi-Fi, email and other mobile device settings. You can then send these profiles to quickly configure new or existing iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

See our video to learn more about mobile device support.

Take control of an Android device

If your customer needs support on an Android mobile device, you can easily see the screen, get a system summary and view settings data to quickly diagnose the issue. Once you’ve found the problem, you can send a custom, pre-defined mobile profile to configure the device. Or, remotely control the device as if you were holding it yourself.*

To use these features, you must start a remote-support session with the Android device. Ask your customer to download the GoToAssist (Customer) app and connect with you.

* Remote control is available only on Samsung and LG Android devices. More to come!

See the issue remotely through

your customer’s camera


Visually inspect anything (hardware, machinery and tools) that your remote customer sees from the comfort of your own computer. Android users can share their on-device camera with you in a GoToAssist Remote Support session. 

The customer only needs to start a session with you through the GoToAssist (Customer) app on his or her Android device to take advantage of this feature. 

Many companies charge extra for all mobile device support features. With GoToAssist Remote Support, it’s included with your account at no extra cost. 


See our video to learn more. Try GoToAssist Remote Support free for 30 days.




Key Feature

Create and push custom mobile configuration profiles

Create custom mobile settings in profiles for email, Wi-Fi and other device attributes and share them via in-session chat or email

See and control the screen*

View the user’s screen and take full control of the user’s device

Get system diagnostics

Instantly see a system summary of installed apps, Wi-Fi settings, configured accounts and more


Chat with users to discover issues

Transfer files

Send files as needed to and from the mobile device

Monitor iPhones and iPads

Enroll iOS devices and add them to your inventory for monitoring

View through the on-device camera

Have your customer share their camera to remotely see and diagnose issues on routers, printers and other pieces of hardware

* Screen sharing only available on Samsung Android devices; more to come!

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