Service Desk

Easily and efficiently manage, track and resolve issues with GoToAssist Service Desk. IT teams and help desks can now enjoy a robust, cloud-based service management tool that's simple to deploy and simple to use.


  • Easily manage incidents to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • Intelligently route service desk records and assign appropriate priorities.
  • Customize self-service portal to deliver knowledge where users need it.
  • Track infrastructure changes and releases to ensure problem-free updates.
  • Use built-in ITIL best practices to achieve service excellence.
  • Seamlessly employ 2 key IT tools – Remote Support & Service Desk – from one
    integrated package.


Delight end users and optimize efficiency with GoToAssist Service Desk's
comprehensive toolset.

Ticketing and Incident Management

Quickly and simply log and track issues. No more
endless fields to fill in – just the important stuff. Easily
format incident notes and add documents. In addition,
GoToAssist Service Desk is smart. It detects recurring
issues and suggests easy ways for your team to
resolve them.

Ticketing and Incident Management
Problem Management

Problem Management

Proactively manage your IT services by systematically
addressing repeating issues. Document problems,
monitor their status and identify root causes for timely
resolution and improved service.

Change Management

Plan. Build. Test. Enable stakeholders and team
members to easily design and implement a change
through its lifecycle. Your team can collaborate to plan
the change, post updates as the new design is built and
then review and test the implementation.

Change Management
Release Management

Release Management

Easily plan, track and test releases, schedule outages
and avoid release mistakes. In addition, Service Desk's
seamless linking of incidents, problems and changes
means you know what's in every release and why.
When things go wrong, it enables easy backtracking
and sleuthing.

Knowledge Center

Keep your staff and customers in the know. Delight
your customers and users with a full self-service portal.
The Service Desk's knowledge tools lets you share
insights about your services from technical how-to
guides to customer FAQs.

Knowledge Center
Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Easily manage your configuration items, define their
relationships and instantly find out what affects what –
that's impact assessment you can count on. Quickly
find those configuration items giving you pain – saving
you time and money.

More Features

  • Customized Dashboards

    Stay in the know and in control with dashboards.
    The Recent Activity dashboard gives you a bird's
    eye view of what's happening to your services and
    who's been doing what.


  • Powerful Reporting

    Keep informed with powerful reporting. Totally
    customizable, you can set up email schedules to
    automatically run and send out your reports when
    you need them.


  • Messaging

    Get talking to your staff as well as your customers.
    Mark messages as customer viewable, add tags and
    add people to the watch list.


  • Automated Triggers

    Set up customized rules to automatically initiate an
    action when a specific event occurs.

  • Track Your Contacts

    Keep tabs on your two most important assets – your
    customers and your staff. Store everyone's contact
    details in the People section and give your service
    desk a customer-centric view of incidents.


  • Email Integration

    Receive updates of service desk record updates via
    email, and even update service desk records via
    email. Service Desk comes with complete email
    integration that even includes attachment support
    and enables easy interaction with end customers.


  • Developer API

    Service Desk offers a comprehensive developer
    API. Use it to easily integrate Service Desk with
    your business systems, produce customized reports
    or dashboards and enhance efficiency.


  • Tasks

    Create specific action items, or tasks, with individual
    assignees and due dates. Tasks can be assigned
    for any Service Desk record, including incidents,
    problems, changes, releases and knowledge


Next Steps

  • Plans & Pricing – Choose a plan that's right for you and will allow your business to grow.
  • Free 30-Day Trial – Sign up to try GoToAssist Service Desk free for 30 days.